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Passion to Live: The new Science of Wellness, Longevity & Optimal Brain Performance

Passion to Live: The New Science of Wellness, Longevity & Optimal Brain Performance, authored by California-based Ronald Kapp, MD, Ph.D., is a fascinating look at “aging as a disease” and the author’s theory is that by following scientific discoveries, we can actually help turn back the hands of time. A practicing physician and an emergency-room doctor for the last 35-plus years, Dr. Kapp says we need to open our minds to taking responsibility for our own health and wellness. He believes that medical science is on the brink of curing the chronic diseases of aging and this could be the next trillion-dollar industry.

An anti-aging research physician and practicing bio-gerontologist with a clinical focus on optimizing brain performance, Dr. Kapp, explores the most current scientific facts and encourages readers to put them into practice.  His wellness-living and longevity philosophy – which he espouses in the book – is founded on the principles of the longest living and healthiest cultures around the world. He integrates the cultural practices of these healthy populations with the most current scientific. He believes that we should all be taking responsibility for our own health and wellness. “We cannot usurp our responsibility to the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies, the insurers or the government. It is ours and ours alone.” But most importantly, he says, “We deserve the freedom of choice to prevent that which can be prevented, reverse that which can be reversed, and live a life and wellness and longevity for a long as humanly possible.

Published by Woodbridge Press and available via Amazon, the 262-page book is not a super easy read. You have to be interested in the topic and committed to learning more to slow down your own biological clock and live healthier longer. And, truly, who among us isn’t interested in living healthier longer? But the book is written to both educate and entertain, and in spots where the medical jargon gets a bit heavy, the mood is lightened by the banter of two long-time tennis buddies as they drive around Sardinia.  Medical scientists, writes Dr. Kapp, “will continue to unravel this marvelous machine known as the human body. The discoveries of today will become the medicine of tomorrow.” 

For anyone looking to meet Dr. Kapp in person, he will be a guest speaker at the Wellness Tourism Associations’ International Wellness Tourism Conference being held September 23rd and 24th in the Dominic Republic.  You’ll find more info on that conference here

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