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Senna Wellness Retreat


Built upon a serene hill in the middle of Bac Ninh City located about a 40-minute drive from the capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam, Senna Wellness Retreat is an all-inclusive resort designed to cater to both solos and families looking to nourish, rest and empower mind, body and soul. The word “Senna” is inspired by the medicinal Vietnamese plant Phan Ta Diep used to detoxify the body. The term “Sen” means “Lotus” which represents purity, self-regeneration and rebirth.  Offering an immersive urban wellness experience, Senna Wellness Resort allows guests the opportunity to de-stress, relax and take a pause from their daily lives. With each “wellness journey” tailored to individual guests, inclusive activities such as meditation, yoga and various therapeutic treatments, as well as healthy culinary options, the mission of Senna Wellness Retreat is to help guests embark on a journey of self-discovery touching on all the five pillars of wellness.

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Telephone: 0222 3633 555

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