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Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion and World Wellness Weekend

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By I Nyoman Yastama

Mr. Jean-Guy de Gabriac invited Mr. Hylton Lipkin (General Manager of Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion at that time) to become a WWW Country Ambassador for Vietnam and myself as Coordinator in 2020. The Covid 19 pandemic arrived in 2020, but as Coordinator and Ambassador, we never stopped spreading positive wellness vibes to others (the people in Vietnam, the local community and government). Certainly, we faced some challenges in terms of how to run Alba Wellness Resort during the pandemic and while following the protocol of Covid 19 procedures from the local government in Hue.

Our first celebration of World Wellness Weekend (19 & 20 Sept 2020) was 100% online (via Zoom). We gathered wellness experts in Vietnam from North to South during the two days, and announced on the Facebook fan page of WWW Vietman

It was very successful!

September 18 & 19 2021, Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion celebrated World Wellness Weekend with in-person events and with a focus on physical, emotional and environmental wellbeing. The resort received a “Wellness Champion aWWWard” from World Wellness Weekend 2021. That same year, I personally received the first “Leading Light Award” from the Wellness Tourism Association!

On September 16, 17 and 18, 2022 we organized another in-person celebration for World Wellness Weekend, which was very successful. We received another “Wellness Champion aWWWard”.

In 2023, Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion received several awards related to wellness and tourism:

  •   * TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2023
  •   * Hotlist of the year 2023 for category of Best Wellness Program– the hotel and resort with the best health care program voted by Travellive Magazine.

* Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, Hong Kong & Macau announced the winners of the Luxury Awards Asia Pacific 2023, revealing their readers’ picks of the best destinations, hotels, pools, spas.  Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion received two awards: 1. Third in the Top 10 Hotel Spas in Vietnam Award and 2. Fifth in the Top 10 Upcountry Hotels Award.

I believe that we received these awards from the efforts we made in the past years since joining World Wellness Weekend. 



I Nyoman Yastama is the Wellness Director of Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion and winner of the first WTA Leading Light Award. 

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