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Launched in 1994 and helping women travel safely for almost 30 years, JourneyWoman™ is an online publication recognized as one of the most respected women’s solo travel brands in the world.  Teachers, role models and mentors, the Journey Woman team shares stories with intention, striving to influence positive change and empowering women to follow their hearts …

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Kerry Bray

After becoming certified in mindful meditation, yoga, and spearheading workshops in spirituality, Kerry Bray (a former flight attendant) became very self aware of her passion for travel and wellness. Her 20 year experience as a travel advisor makes Kerry a valuable resource for wellness-focused travel.. Feeling the need to pair wellness and travel, Kerry launched New Jersey …

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Gia Schiffino

Gia Schiffino

Based in Barcelona, Gia Schiffino is a travel concierge specializing in memorable and seamless travel experiences. Gia began her travel career working at Lux Voyage while completing her master’s in Entrepreneurship in Nutrition and Healthy Ageing in Barcelona. After graduating, she decided to merge both of her passions and launched Way to Well within the LV brand for clients seeking to incorporate health-minded experiences during their …

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Dr. Alisha Reed

Known as the FLY Pharmacist and owner of FLY With Alisha, New Orleans-based Dr. Reed has been a licensed pharmacist for almost two decades and has seen first-hand how self-care impacts health in the community. The World Health Organization defines self-care as: “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, …

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Euphoria Retreat

Located in Sparta, Greece, Euphoria Retreat is designed around a healing philosophy with a team of doctors, mentors, nutritionists, therapists and fitness instructors working together to ensure that each guest is able to embark on a personal journey.  A variety of multi-day programs and retreats are designed to help guests adopt a holistic approach to …

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Lake Austin Spa

Lake Austin

Lake Austin Spa Resort is a secluded wellness resort and luxurious hideaway on the shores of Lake Austin in the famed Texas Hill Country. With just 40 beautifully appointed rooms opening directly to the outdoors, personalized service is paramount and wellness activities – up to 20 daily – abound. Guests can arrive via luxury water taxi and explore an array of water-focused activities …

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Wellness Travel BC

Wellness Travel BC

Wellness Travel BC is an online guide showcasing the vast array of wellness-focused resorts, hotels and service providers located throughout Canada’s most western province, British Columbia. With easy access to the Pacific Ocean, lakes and rivers, rainforests and mountain settings, plus access to an abundance of services allowing one to recharge and rejuvenate in settings …

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Lynn Burshtein

Lynn Burshtein

A media lawyer and freelance writer based in Toronto, Ontario, Lynn Burshtein began visiting destination spas early in her legal career when she needed an outlet after spending long hours at a desk. After visiting Canyon Ranch, Tucson she decided to combine her love of research and writing with her love of travel and work …

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Ava Roxanne Stritt

Ava Roxanne Stritt

The founder of Spa Travel Gal, Ava Roxanne Stritt has been influencing the spa and wellness travel client since 2009. She has been called the most influential person in the world for spa travel. Her followers say she is responsible for turning the average spa day into a wellness adventure. As a freelance writer she …

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Coral Cove Wellness

Coral Cove Wellness Resort

Located bayside 10 miles from the city of Negril in Jamaica, Coral Cove Wellness Resort offerings include farm-to-table dining, on-site gardens, medically-guided plant-based experiences, live musical performances and wellness-themed workshops that cater to the senses. According to CEO and medical lead Dr. Adam Abodeely, the resort is a magical place where healing and wellness are …

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