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With teams and offices in both Denver, CO and Nairobi, Kenya, SKYIN specializes in immersive luxury and authentic excursions across Kenya. Offering custom, all-inclusive excursions for groups and individuals, SKYIN’s mission is to provide travelers with luxurious safaris paired with authentic, off-the-beaten-path cultural experiences while establishing a sustainable impact for the communities by creating jobs, opportunities and resources to help improve daily life for locals. SKYIN offers the unique opportunity to immerse with indigenous tribes, culturally connect with a local host family (with optional homestay experience), and discover exotic wildlife on safari while lodging at luxurious properties inside the national parks. Other experiences offered include hiking tours, beach-front stays, sailing and snorkeling excursions on traditional dhow boats, interacting at wildlife conservation sanctuaries, engaging at local schools and orphanages, and history tours on the ancient slave-trade era.

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