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Hanna Poikonen


Dr. Hanna Poikonen is a neuroscientist, dancer and retreat leader based in Barcelona, Spain. She is the founder of the WiseMotion Community and a researcher at ETH Zurich in Switzerland and Örebro University Hospital in Sweden. Developed by Hanna, the WiseMotion method brings together creative movement, meditation and neuroscience in a concrete way. Hanna has taught WiseMotion in Europe, North America and Asia at various institutions, resorts, festivals and health and wellness centers to people from 13 to 85, and for different groups including top executives, healthcare professionals, people with brain-related illnesses and people interested in their wellbeing. Her research in Switzerland focuses on higher education, embodied cognition and neuroscience, and in Sweden, on creative movement and mental health.

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Telephone: 00358407348028

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